Content marketing services for SMEs

3 Minutes read Return on Investment for a marketing campaign is extremely critical for any business to succeed. Especially if you are small scale (Small and Medium enterprises) business, your marketing budget needs to be prudent.  You need to have the right mix of  marketing techniques to reach your target audience. But, how will you […]

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outcome based content marketing

Outcome based content marketing

Content marketing is the most effective way to gain audience attention. It is widely used in digital marketing by enterprises and agencies across the world. If it is an outcome based content marketing, then it will be the best suited. It covers end to end marketing process with desired outcomes. Majority of the marketing campaigns […]

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writing vision and mission

Envisioning the Destination and Route Map – Go to Market

Your Organization’s Vision and Mission for go to market A recent, interesting experience had me thinking about a lesson we learnt at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey – the importance of setting a vision and defining a mission for your go to market strategy. I believed that, by now, with the many thousand articles […]

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content strategy


WELL, FINDING THE ANSWERS DEFINITELY NEEDS A LOT OF BRAINSTORMING! Content marketing is still the buzzword, given the ease with which the right words get into the heart and minds of the right audience in this online-obsessed world. But competition has become tougher than ever. Hence, the key is to use the right form of […]

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Best Content Marketing

Content Marketing to Tip Your Scales

Content marketing is the most effective way to gain website traffic and is widely used in digital marketing by enterprises across the world. It focuses on providing users with valuable, relevant information about a company’s products and services, thereby attracting customers to your site. Content marketing aims to bring about • Sales growth • Decrease […]

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b2b Content Marketing

b2b Content Marketing for software products and services

In the present era of constant breakthrough innovations, a majority of the software companies are facing serious challenges. This is due to the fact that poor focus on b2b content marketing their products, which heavily influences their profits and growth prospects. The reasons are many: Organizations are increasingly focusing on creating a ripple in the […]

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Landing Page for Lead Generation

Landing Page for Lead Generation and product sales – Does One Really Lead to the Other?

Creating Landing Page for Lead Generation as part of your marketing efforts for product sales is one of the most underrated tasks ever.Let’s take a look at some of the top misconceptions: It’s just going to be one page All you need is a form, a set of content, some images, a possible form, and […]

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Content Marketing Outsourcing

Content Marketing Outsourcing – Working with freelancers, specialists, and talents for content marketing

A good reputation is more valuable than money  – Syrus According to surveys by leading organizations, there are almost 53 million freelance workers just in the American market who astonishingly occupy one-third of the total work force. A significant percentage of companies are outsourcing specialized jobs that are part of high-value projects – a study by Truelancer website […]

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Marketing outsourcing company with a content marketing expertise

Marketing outsourcing company with a focus on content marketing is a crucial differentiator. Content marketing is critical for marketing technology products and related service organizations. Technology companies often tend to follow a technically driven product strategy. They often under-emphasize the need for an effective marketing framework. They often miss a framework that adapts the organization’s […]

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Demand Generation for Small and Medium IT companies

The realm of marketing has always been an issue of concern for small and medium companies, as they are often perplexed by the wide range of problems related to marketing practices that has challenged their overall productivity in today’s immensely competitive marketplace. This articles covers challenges of small and medium IT or software companies. (SMEs). […]

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