Content writing for Software Product Marketing

Meaningful and Persuasive Content: Content writing for Software Product Marketing

Software product marketing is unique to every software development organization. This is a follow-up article of  Meaningful and Persuasive Content writing for software products is very much needed.  There is always a differentiated features and benefits  that results ‘wow’ factor that is associated with the products. Sales is an experience. By this time, it is […]

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Landing Page for Lead Generation

Landing Page for Lead Generation and product sales – Does One Really Lead to the Other?

Creating Landing Page for Lead Generation as part of your marketing efforts for product sales is one of the most underrated tasks ever.Let’s take a look at some of the top misconceptions: It’s just going to be one page All you need is a form, a set of content, some images, a possible form, and […]

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Marketing outsourcing company with a content marketing expertise

Marketing outsourcing company with a focus on content marketing is a crucial differentiator. Content marketing is critical for marketing technology products and related service organizations. Technology companies often tend to follow a technically driven product strategy. They often under-emphasize the need for an effective marketing framework. They often miss a framework that adapts the organization’s […]

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SaaS product sales

SaaS_sales_lead_generation Few months back, I wrote an article about SaaS product sales. ‘Don’t sell your SaaS product – gift your audience a positive experience of their lifetime!’ This is in continuation of that thoughts and this is about SaaS product sales and its  unique challenges – positioning your business among a competitors who have expertise […]

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Digitally Enable Your Business through Content Marketing

Well! as banner says, this article is intended for mature organizations who want to sell technology & software products through digital knowledge & content. Nasscom and other organizations have repeatedly stressed the extensive scope for Indian software products in the global arena, which is currently dominated by the western world and a few Asian players. […]

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