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The great Indian e-Commerce Mela – content writing for eCommerce

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Online commercial activities are definitely the first option for any type of transaction today. It provides easy access – during anytime, from anywhere, and for anything.  You are assured of an efficient service and an enjoyable experience. With the advent of the e-commerce era, every transaction is just a click away. If you have an expert in Content writing for eCommerce, You can even order your hot chai online!

Global e-Commerce Industry – Flying High

The global e-commerce statistics looks more than impressive. To cite a few examples, China’s e-commerce growth has been phenomenal. India’s e-commerce report card is not even comparable to that of China. Estimates reveal that China will likely exceed US$ 1 trillion in retail ecommerce sales within another few years, leaving behind even United States by a large percentage. The last couple of decades have witnessed a revolutionary growth in the global e-commerce market. Online retailers perennially discovering new markets. Reports suggest that e-commerce sales increased by about 20% worldwide last year.

e-Commerce in India – on Its Way up the Digital Ladder

The e-commerce boom began late in India. Hence, we are still in the “emerging market” category. India’s retail commerce is expected to increase by more than thrice within a couple of years. However, considering India’s ever-expanding Internet base, the current e-commerce growth has not increased proportionally. The reason for this relatively slow growth is allocated to the teething problems in the Indian e-commerce sector. But the situation is improving at a tremendous pace – secure online transaction environment, cash-on-delivery options, competitive pricing, detailed studies of the buyers’ persona, engaging content writing, and well-planned technological and customer support are key to ensuring the big Indian e-commerce bang.

Further, content writing for eCommerce specialists can provide attractive options such as discount offers, coupons, referral systems, exemplary logistics, short delivery timelines, zero delivery charges, etc., will go a long way in attracting more Indians to the e-commerce world.

Apparel and fashion (including cosmetics, footwear, personal care, etc.) have emerged as the top grosser within the e-commerce world closely followed by electronics (mobile, tabs and other consumer electronics).
Niche categories such as home decor, jewellery and art are still under-penetrated because of the inherent fear of online transactions for expensive goods; however, the growing confidence in online retail will soon see a shift in this scenario.

Key Benefits of Online Shopping with a strong content writing for eCommerce

Currently, the key benefits on e-commerce are plenty and the huge age-group from 14 to about 50 are addicted to online shopping sites because of the convenience of shopping from home; the customized options available to them.

This specialty of Content writing for eCommerce provides comfort of browsing through innumerable options, comparing, and reviewing before taking a decision; the wide range of prices and products available; and the joy of getting innumerable discounts and offers through the year.

Multiple sources of funds driving growth in e-Commerce:

Given the projections of a fantastic e-commerce growth for India in future and the drastic improvement in the infrastructure to support this growth, the online Indian market is flooded with venture capital investments:

• High-flying names such as Alibaba and Flipkart are some of the highest money grossers
• e-Commerce marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal are now common names in every home
• Electronic ticket booking, holiday planning, movie ticket booking, gifting, and even home purchasing has meant that e-commerce has made its mark in almost all walks of life
• Niche areas have also started using online options to support them; for example, Urbanladder, PepperFry, CaratLane, BigBasket, etc.

Hence, the Indian market is excitedly riding the e-commerce revolution wave, already on its way to create a sea of change in the way Indians shop. India has the potential to grow much more and is the focus of the trading community across the world in terms of the services and merchandize that is waiting to be purchased.

All that is required is a stable infrastructure that will support this remarkable growth and a slight shift in the Indian preference for a real-time shopping experience. As specialists in Content writing for eCommerce we believe that engaging content can contribute significantly.This is the right time to open our doors to welcome the world of online shopping and click or tap away for all our small and big needs.

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Content Marketing Manager

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