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Web Content Strategy

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web content strategy
Web Content Strategy

There are 1.5 billion-plus websites as of today. Out of that, less than 200 million are active as per internet live statistics. Out of that, 80-85% are not providing active business or no traffic. Simple, there is no web content strategy executed.

The normal web content strategy story goes like this..

You have a website, or you are planning to have a website? You may have some simple questions in mind. What should be the theme? Why should I choose that theme? You will contact a web development company. 90% of them are primarily programmers. Typically, web developers randomly select some theme base on your business and budget. They may use the term – Web Content Strategy in their communication.  They will give some nice looking or perfect themes to select. There are themes for free to hundreds of dollars. Where will you strike the deal? Okay, after the item is selected, what are the menus required? What should be the content? Who is going to write the content? You may give some sample sites to the developer that you liked. They will try to do the copycat and change the look and feel. You may provide your corporate presentation or brochure or some content written by you or some freelancers. Done! Website is ready to launch

What is Web Content Strategy: That is Primarily Strategy + Web + Content = Business Success

The fact is 90% of the billion sites are just clutter, not producing results and ineffective for business because you have not done a web content strategy. The fact is that website is different, content is totally different and strategy is missing from the game. A well thought content strategy makes it possible to position the company in a competitive and cluttered web. It will be found out by search engines or readable on search engines for ranking. It can help to generate qualified traffic. Developing a uniform content strategy across all media will be a powerful mechanism to build a brand. This can be from website to social media, to sales brochures and online banners that will go into a different social media platform.

What Are The 4 Objectives of a Successful Web Content Strategy?

Promote the value proposition of your company/product/service through the right content, and it is easily found and readable by search engine robots to gain visibility and have more visitors,

Establish consistency and build trust with your audience. Compatibility and consistency between the contents of the different information channels to maximize the performance of actions and gain the confidence of your target search audience.

A well thought web content strategy could help to share its values take sides in certain cases so that there is a perfect symbiosis between the brand and your audience.

Sales is all about the experience. Provide a great experience, when they come to your site, even if it 2 minutes. Develop an excellent user experience to make him or her want to come back frequently to your website or your social media accounts. You lead to sales funnel building can be based on the web content strategy.

B2B Web Content Strategy

Content strategy differs from b2b and b2c. For a b2c it is more of quick buying experience.  B2C Content types and engaging content plays a critical role. For b2b web content strategy, is based on b2b marketing goals. We should boost or muscle up your web content strategy with knowledge. The content types such as white paper case studies and point of view papers will add strong points at the audience end. Case studies play an essential and crucial role in the development and operation of a successful business. Strong content aggregates influence the perception of your prospects, make you win new leads and increase your return on investment.

How To Setup a Content Strategy?

The challenge of 80% of the business owners missing elements of marketing and business strategy. How can a web developer think about your business strategy, marketing experience, buyer behaviour and buyer psychographics? Web developers are experts in designing and integration. Web programmers and developers are great in translating this strategy build great UI/UX. Unfortunately, 80% of the website owners will fall int this trap and build some website.

So Develop your web content strategy based on your

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing positioning
  • Product/Service positioning
  • Lead Generation and Brand building
  • Marketing communication
  • Audience buyer behaviour
  • Sales experience
  • Online revenue modelling
  • Website/Product road-map

What is the company’s strategy and how to translate it into communication objectives? Web programmers can develop these points. Or website builders. It would be best if you had marketers. The first step is to decide the business goals and marketing goal to be achieved. It is essential quickly to define the objectives of the site to know what is the return on investment targeted. Do we want the site to bring traffic, awareness, generate revenue, or is it merely a Meta media?

Adapt Your Content Strategy To Target Needs

The easiest way to understand the needs of targets is to represent their targets as a persona. Build traffic based on expected persona. By giving them a real identity, they, therefore, have needs, habits and questions. What are their fears? How best to respond? These responses will, therefore, constitute the information in the sections of the site, or appear in the news. The study of Web Analytics is also essential in defining target needs, as it helps identify popular keywords and search trends.

Without forgetting that your audience brings together professionals and can directly represent the target needs, you wish to reach, if your communication strategy is adequate. Hence the importance of planning an effective and relevant content strategy with people who can increase your B2B sales.


The web content strategy is part of a complete marketing and sales process to generate more business opportunities. Do not expect a web developer or a web programmer can provide you with a web content strategy. If they do, it’s your risk, not their challenge. Web developers and programmers can build fantastic sites based on the web content strategy documentation provided by marketing experts. However, these content strategies are done by marketing research experts and content experts, with experience in b2c or b2b buyer experience. If not, your website will be another nice website one among the million, similar to you, but no returns. Connect with add kraft consulting. We are a content marketing agency. We research persona psychographics and web content strategy