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Website design and content – must require strategic thinking

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From approximately 2000 onwards, the Internet has become an essential marketing tool over the years. Your web site or web portal has become the virtual sales manager working for 24 hours / 7 days. There is no salary or personal supervision required!. The website Of all the means of advertising available to you today, Internet marketing is the one that gives you the best return on your investment. The commissioning of your website, its maintenance and your participation in external tools such as social media are the only promotional vehicles necessary. Website design and content have become critical. Thousands of sites are launched every day. What matters is where do you stand?

Where you will get lost?

You may have a beautiful website design and content. But no right traffic. No quality visitors. No leads. No sales.  The problem is your internet marketing strategy is not glued to your business strategy but be careful! Your marketing strategy and the website may not not be aligned properly. The communication methods to convey high-value proposition through website design and content is lost.

Be even culture specific. Be clear in communication. Be genuine. You have a business clientele in a given country with its own culture and you decide to expand our business in a completely different country. Your business remains the same, your field of activity remains the same, but on the other hand, you must address your new customers differently. Your right website design and content must include buyers profile! Your site many not have the elements for your buyers profile.

For example, if you are targeting the Arabic-speaking GCC market, you will naturally speak Arabic to your potential customers. If you are targeting the China market you will speak Chinese to your prospects. For the same obvious reasons, you must also use buyer profile, buyer behaviour and buyer user into website design and content.

Reproducing a brochure does not affect the Internet as a website will not work. Writing on the home page of your site that you are a leader in your field is worthless for a user. Usages such as “World leader”, ” best” , “leading” and “top-class” have become scams!. A large proportion of websites claim to be a leader. Internet users are not looking for a company that claims to be selfie or self-proclaimed but seeks to compare one that can prove it by the value of its Internet presence. Besides, your buyers or users are mainly looking to solve a particular problem.

To convince a customer potential – website design and content

The user who arrives at your site has been motivated by an intention. He is looking for a service or a product. It’s already a qualified potential customer looking for that service or product that you are providing. You have to convince him that you are competent, that you offer an excellent product or that you give the best after-sales service. You have to differentiate yourself from your competitors on the Internet. Your site must be both attractive, clear and user-friendly, you must facilitate the retention of your visitors and have the capacity to transform them into customers. How to prepare your website design and content to propose your values. How will you measure the quality of the communication

Design for customer experience.

Never sell your product! You should provide sales experience. How will you do over internet? That’s the catch. Efficient use of the design gives customer, a unique buying experience and a reason to buy from you, not your competition. It is a valuable source of differentiation – a well-designed product or service will stand out from the competition.

Design adds value to products and services. Customers are often willing to pay more for well-designed products that can provide benefits such as better usability, increased functionality and improved aesthetics.

Design for efficiency

Right website design and content design can not only enhance the products and services you sell, but it can also improve the way your business works – the efficiency of its processes, the profitability of the raw materials it uses, the quality of its packaging.

Right Website design and content can not only increase the value of your products and services to customers, but it can also reduce production costs. Careful design of the manufacturing process, for example, can yield substantial savings. It can also make processes and the use of materials more efficient and environmentally friendly, helping companies to comply with sustainability laws and regulations.

Right Keywords: website design and content

In your marketing documents, you indicate the characteristics & features of your products or services. These values ​​are useful for your target audience, but they are not the most important. Keywords are critical. This can be long-tail keywords or strategic keywords provided in your content. How will you design your strategic keywords for your website design and content? Over some time, you will become a leader in the search engine, if you provide strategic keywords that connect with your strategic products & services. How will you arrive at that? When you do website design and content , a right transition has to happen from your business strategy and website design and content.

Design thinking: website design and content

The web design opens up valuable opportunities for businesses. Its importance is often underestimated, but good design can bring some significant benefits to the business. The research and prototype stages of the design process can generate new product ideas and allow you to discover the needs and preferences of your customers. The design can then help you turn these ideas into innovative and competitive products and services that suit your market. You can also use design to make your business processes more efficient and to strengthen your marketing approach.

This guide explains the different ways in which design can benefit your business, from product development to business strategy. It outlines what is involved in the design process as well as how you can manage the process and measure its success.

Business benefits of the design

How Businesses Use Design
Integrate design into your business strategy
Use design to improve product development
Use design to get new customers and new markets
The design process
Maximize the success of your design projects

Business benefits of the design

There is evidence that using design improves business performance. Companies that undervalue the importance of design may miss vital opportunities.

Design can bring a range of business benefits if used consistently across the enterprise. Among these advantages, we can find:

Increasing visibility, reach and sales of your products or services
Improving your market position in the digital business landscape compared to your competitors
Repeat visitors, greater customer loyalty and fewer complaints from them
Brand positioning and a stronger identity for your business
The ability to create new products and services and reach new markets quickly
Buying in from all stakeholders such as consumers, employees, investors, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders of your business.

Addkraft Consulting offers you: website design and content with the help of following steps

Business Positioning
Marketing strategy with website
Content strategy for the website
Web Design
Web Development
Web site launch

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