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Why brand colour is important for a brochure colour design?


Marketing brochures help businesses promote their products or services. They are traditionally single or multi-page documents that can come in various sizes and shapes (most resemble a pamphlet or A4 sheet). Marketing brochures are designed with the focus towards the target audience and the key values that you want to communicate. However the brand elements are critical when you design a brochure, though customer is the center focus. This article covers why brand color is important for a brochure colour design?


Is there any brochure color design difference between b2b brochure and a b2c brochure?

Simple – It is about the target audience. The design elements are completely different if your target audience is direct to a customer or a consumer. However, if they are b2b, that is, a group of decision makers of a company, then the brochure design changes.

If you bring customer relationship as the key, the brochure colour is still an effective communication tool favored by brands. Whether in B2B or B2C, the brochure is essential for marketing and sales forces.  Buying is all about perception and trust building. An accurate sales accelerator comes in multiple forms: digital, paper, or interactive catalogs. If it has the power to create an emotional connection between the customer and the brand, a formidable color is critical for your brand. Check out Caterpillar company, manafacteres of Tracters, Trillers


What are brand guidelines for?

A well-researched and optimized brand-focused mission statement can communicate great information about your business. This communication can be used internally and externally. Although many templates are available online, there is little formal structure for creating a brand orientation document. The basics remain the same, however, and your brand guidelines should be a constantly tweaking resource to reflect changing trends and business growth. At its core, brand guidelines will contain:



Information about your brand identity: including tone of voice, elevator pitch, mission statement, core values , and brand personality.

A detailed breakdown of brand assets: logo designs, including logo colors and overall color palette, fonts, and any visuals you use to reinforce your brand personality.

Your brand guidelines will be critical when onboarding new team members, launching a new business venture or rebranding a company with slow growth. 


Brand guidelines are prepared to communicate who you are as an organization, your purpose, its goals, and your position in the market. Choosing the right approved colors according to their impact on each publishing and promotion. To define the color code of the graphic charter of your company, ask yourself what image you want to convey what are the company’s values and purpose. Depending on this, refer to the meaning of the colors to choose the ones that best respond to the company’s visual identity.

What is the importance of brand color for a brochure?

Discover the meaning of colors and which ones to use according to the sector of activity to create communication media that resemble your company. The choice of colors is essential to convey an image adapted to the company’s identity. “Whom am i?” They are the ones that influence the public’s perception of a brand or a service. 
Meaning of each color in general and then by sector of activity, as well as valuable advice for perfecting your corporate digital marketing policy.

Blue as an example :

IBM Brand Color


It is synonymous with calm, serenity, confidence, and clarity. It can also symbolize freshness. It is therefore found a lot in mass distribution, aeronautics, IT, new technologies, the environment, tourism, and well-being.

IBM and Blue Color:

A brand can have multiple colors, but a core color must be. Blue at the core. IBM has made blue in the CenterPoint of the color palette. Look at the “BLUE” color brand for collaterals prepared by IBM. Just take the brochure of IBM.

Application of BLUE color from IBM Brand language for IBM brochures and digital content – Example

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