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Why is Design Thinking Become Critical For Any Marketing Strategy To Succeed

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Design Thinking
Design Thinking

In it is recent 2019-20 CMO spend survey, Gartner reported that 26 per cent of the marketing budget is going to paid media. It is an increase over the past two years. Are you shelling out your precious money to Google ads or Social Media Ads as per survey? The fact majority of these of the marketing campaigns fails to deliver actual results. The key reason is, they are no strategic, its all based on the budget and the dependent results spend on these tech giants. SMEs are loosing money in the game. There is a problem. The campaigns are not designed to think strategically.  Will design thinking can come out with innovative ideas? There is a need for design thinking practice when formulation marketing strategies.

In general, managers want to complete the campaign as per plan; the team will be busy and would have earned some metrics like impressions, likes, and leads. However, the majority of these campaign delivers mediocre results only with no sales.

Real Problem

CMO research survey says, majority had no vision or purpose behind the whole exercise, instead targets. Lack of understanding of the industry and how to wrongly you would have positioned. Underestimating the competitor landscape, complete business ecosystem was not established in the game and connected to your marketing campaigns. What do your competitors do? How are they communicating their values? What you can learn from them by mixing your target audience with your competitor’s analysis. You are not able to find your target audience and persona. Are you choosing your customer correctly? Who are your ideal buyers to build long term relationship with you? What are the real problems you solve? Even if you find, you are not able to value-based relationship with them. How to build a trust factor with them? How to align emotional values from your product and solve their problems. A deep root thinking or design thinking is required about building a value-based relationship at the source, the human minds.

New Check

Design thinking for marketing always starts with people. People or persons who buy your product or service. A typical design thinking project is organized into three main stages:

Contextual immersion, co-creation and prototyping. In the first is the identification of buyer stakeholders and soaking in the context in which they evolve to identify behaviours, needs, motivations and aspirations. Some of the methods used are ethnography and contextual interview. This data is then combined with market data to generate: Personas or archetypes of stakeholders, guiding criteria for designing business solutions, and opportunities for innovation. A set of analysis and synthesis methods makes it possible to identify these models and to translate the results into actionable strategies.

Based on these elements, workshops are organized with representative stakeholders for the collaborative creation of business solutions. From generated ideas, prototypes and incremental tests are developed for iterative or pivotal improvement

Design Thinking

Design thinking is based on an original method, precise and rigorous. This is what it allows it to be adaptable to any problematic and exploitable by everyone, even those who do not think themselves creative. There is a significant role in emotional intelligence and social intelligence here. Understand or empathy. It is the ability to measure self- and social-awareness, the evolved beliefs and attitudes, and a capacity and appetite to manage your audience’s behavior.

Step 1 – Empathy: Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and understand his or her needs.

Step 2 – Definition: Define the problem of building a value-based relationship at the source.

Step 3 – Ideation: generate several ideas to solve the problem.

Step 4 – Prototype: choose a business model

Step 5 – Test: launch the project.

If you implement it correctly, your marketing strategy can convey more significant results. It will generate a unique brand identity that your customer will be able to recognize. They build a relationship for solving their problems, expectations and aspirations. Your campaigns will get better results. The ROI will have better returns and predictable business growth. Design thinking in marketing develop your brand, bring strong brand loyalty ad sustainability