About Us


addkraft started with a passion to write laser-focused value proposition for business enterprises. Value proposition and strategic value content are the most critical components for building arms and ammunition to fight in the competitive corporate world.

With this belief and passion, we started addkraft, a business marketing consulting firm, in 2015, with a clear focus on providing business-marketing services for b2b & b2c technology-focused organizations.

Very often the value of original innovations does not reach the target audience or buyers because the relevance of these successful endeavors often get lost among the many intermediate individuals, systems, strategies, processes and technologies. The final defined value hence often does not meet expectations, deviates from the original intent or is masked by layers of thought processes that may or may not be right for the organization.

In this world of detours, our principal intention is to VALUE CRAFT products and services such that their original significance is retained. Our competence is in understanding the vision of the “craftsmen” who conceive and create state-of-the-art products or formulate and deliver unique services. Our experts determine the true VALUE of the product or service at its grass root level and then design value-building measures that form a bridge between the creators and the users. The intended customers are hence able to gain insight into the value of a product or service as envisioned by its original craftsmen. addkraft‘s consultants thus serve as the link that connects the customers, employees and stakeholders of an organization to the intrinsic value of its product or service, which helps the organization to move ahead as a convergent team to meet a common goal.

The addkraft team guides organizations in developing value propositions that are in alignment with the original vision, help build a go-to-market plan for the product or service to reach the intended target audience and finally support a smooth execution of the plan.

Specific focus on content creation and lead generation for software products and eCommerce business houses

B2B content creation in India is a specialized skill and requires market experience, knowledge, language skills, competitive intelligence and research capabilities. B2B content creation for technology marketing requires a higher skill set than generic content writing and content development. This niche area involves value crafting, which adds value in terms of original, strategic, customized content created with the aim of reaching a specific market domain. In addition to b2b content creation services, addKraft provides lead generation services for software product houses.
Content creation for eCommerce is another emerging service area, where the main challenge is for the created content to objectively reflect the entire eCommerce business vision of the customer. In addition, the content should be as close to the vision of the promoters or architects as possible that it must mirror their thoughts and business ambitions. The value added through addKraft’s b2b content creation and content for eCommerce is through their strategic content writing approach, which ensures a competitive advantage and a distinct positioning for their customers without compromising the customers’ inherent value proposition.

In addition to content development, addKraft India provides lead generation and demand generation for software product companies (www.digitalmarketingit.com) and eCommerce business providers. addKraft’s lead generation and demand generation activities from India and USA are hence tightly integrated with content writing, content development and content creation.