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Why Indian SaaS strategy fails? Challenges of SaaS technology marketing

12 Oct 2017, Posted by addkraft in Technology Marketing

http://blog.orgzit.com/3-major-reasons-indian-saas-strategy-failing/ 3 Major Reasons Why Your Indian SaaS Strategy Is Failing By Kartik Dulloo on in Marketing, Productivity The software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecosystem in India is witnessing a tremendous increase in activity in terms of the number of new startups emerging and establishing themselves. There’s a…

In a state of perpetual “wow” effect

02 Feb 2016, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing

Guaranteed eternal honeymoon period with your target audience through content marketing We live in a world of constant disruption, where change has become an essential aspect of every realm of life. This trend was catalyzed by the intense digital boom, which empowered everyone to have…